Mission Statement: Our mission is to help clients lead a more healthy and proactive life through education and plant integration that will improve their quality of life.

Begin your journey today and Transform your life 


Through our life's journey, we encounter many lessons. How we choose to address these experiences will determine how we learn and grow on our path to a more harmonious and peaceful way of life.


We want to help you succeed in transforming your life so you begin to feel more healthy and alive! We'll discuss your physical activity, diet and ways to eliminate stress from your life. Using Integrative plant medicine, we work with you so you can find balance in your life.

Balance with Traditional "Whole" Integrative Medicine


A butterfly transforms gracefully from one stage of life to another.

Stage 1: The Egg. Conception. Where an idea begins.

Together, we begin by addressing your concerns & assessing your current quality of life.

Stage 2: The Larva. Where life feeds us & decisions & adventures present themselves!

You will then be presented with some suggestions that will enhance your lifestyle.

Stage 3: The Pupa. Within our cocoons, we learn to meditate. The music of life speaks to us & we create!

Our emotions play a key role in how our body reacts to certain stimuli; whether they be external or internal, learning to set aside time for yourself is important to sustain a well-balanced lifestyle. 

Stage 4: The Adult Stage. What has been created is now birthed & shared.

After you begin working with plant medicine and making lifestyle changes, you'll soon notice your quality of life improving.


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