April 07, 2018

BrainFit - Our Mind for the Ages

We all know the benefits of physical activity and proper nutrition, but how does that apply to our mental well-being? Learn how to keep your brain fit and healthy as you age and slow down cognitive decline.


September 28, 2017


Your brain can improve over time if given the right care and use. Regardless of age, everyone benefits when more attention is given to feeding and "exercising" this complex and vital asset.  Jump start your brain fitness with this free "mini-class" lead by raChelle Karman. 


July 13, 2017

Laughter IS the Best Medicine


  • Relieves stress

  • Improves the immune system

  • Improves moods

  • can help when people are uncomfortable or in a depressed mood by releasing endorphins

  • Is easy to access (with practice)

  • Doesn’t cost anything


Learn how to laugh and relieve stress and strengthen your health!


June 10, 2017

Brain Fit - Our Mind for the Ages

There is an underlying assumption that with age, the brain will begin to deteriorate and lose its ability to retain information. Alzheimer’s and Dementia are often associated and accepted as an old age disease. Cognitive decline, however, is not age discriminate and symptoms of poor brain functions should be addressed immediately with lifestyle changes. Learn how to adjust your lifestyle and keep your brain fit as you age; slowing down memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia.


May 11, 2017

The Benefits of Weeds

Learn about the health benefits of certain weeds.


April 06, 2017

Your Brain on Music

Music is not only good for your emotional health but beneficial for your brain. Learn how music can slow down dementia and improve your overall health.


February 01, 2017

Herbs for the Respiratory System

There are a wide array of respiratory conditions. Learn about various plant medicine that can help alleviate congestion and inflammation in the respiratory system.


February 15, 2017

Herbs for the Cardiovasular System

February is heart health month. Learn what plant medicine can help alleviate Cardiovascular conditions.


January 18, 2017

Herbs for the Brain

Learn what herbs can help the calm the mind and awaken the brain.


January 14, 2017

Aging, Memory Loss, & Dementia

Memory loss is a significant concern with the aging. By incorporating positive lifestyle changes, cognitive deterioration can be slowed down, if not reversed.


Learn how to transform your health and diminish the effects of aging & memory.

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