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raChelle Karman

Founder & President, Holistic Health Practitioner

MS Public Health Education and Promotion


Having been raised with traditional medicine, raChelle has always had a keen interest in holistic health, and thanks to her grandfather she learned early on how to integrate plant medicine into her own health and well-being. 


With an understanding that no, one healing modality fits everyone, she continues learning new techniques that enhance her skills and ability to address your concerns  with compassion. 


raChelle has studied Clinical Herbalism, with an emphasis in Ayurveda medicine at the University of New Mexico; and Complimentary Alternative and Herbal Medicine at the American College of Healthcare Sciences. 

raChelle Karman


Greeter, Hugger & Comforter


Lakota is our official greeter here at Enchanted Herbalism and she loves to show affection. Lakota is currently studying for her certification as a Therapy Dog, and she's sure to put a smile on your face during your visit. 

Although Lakota's primary language is English, she also understands ASL, Deutsche, and Español.



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Email: raChelle@EnchantedHerbalism.com

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