Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the air! I like fall. The colors begin to turn; reminding us of the transition from summer into winter, a time of reflection and growth.

Halloween is around the corner and pretty soon the streets will transition with carved pumpkins and wandering little Ghouls, Witches, and Goblins.

Did you know that pumpkin seeds have a lot of health benefits?

Pumpkin seeds contain 45% fatty oil, phytosterols, magnesium, zinc, iron, protein, fiber, and alkaloids; are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. As a Vermifuge, pumpkin seeds have been used to paralyze tape-worms so that they cannot adhere to the intestinal walls, thereby aiding in the removal of them. Studies indicate positive results with pumpkin seeds for reducing cholesterol and are beneficial for prostate disorders in men and irritable bladder in women.

When you get ready to carve that pumpkin, save those seeds and roast them for better health!

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Here's to a happy, safe, and healthy Halloween!



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